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Diet Plan Tips On How to Gain Weight Fast

Weight gain might not be such a common problem as weight loss. In fact, somebody struggling to gain weight might sound a bit awkward to most people but its a fact. Just as some people struggle to lose weight there are some who struggle to gain weight. They have a very high basal metabolic rate because of which whatever they eat tends to burn out quickly. Skinniness also tends to run in families with whole families being naturally thin or underweight.

How to gain Weight Diet Plan Tips On How to Gain Weight Fast

In the desperation to gain weight these people tend to eat all the wrong kinds of food which though do not give them any extra pounds but harm their health as a whole. Though it sounds really great for an obese person that eat whatever you want and it wont show on the weighing scale but it is very agonising for the woman who wishes to have beautiful curves or the man who wishes to be muscular.

There are a lot of tonics and medicines available in the market which promise rapid weight gain but most of them either just increase a person’s appetite or do not do anything significant.

  1. It is important for an underweight person to understand that whatever calories he takes in are all burnt out and nothing is preserved because of which he or she is not gaining weight. So the first thing to do is to increase your calorie intake by approximately 500 calories over and above the regular intake. You can add an extra meal to your daily three meals a day routine. Try to eat food approximately every three to four hours and make it a point not to stay hungry for more than five hours.
  2. Increase your portion size. Take larger portions of food as compared to your normal portions.
  3. Drink plenty of fruit juices, milk shakes or other health drinks instead of tea or coffee. These also add to your calorie intake.
  4. Stay away from junk food, it does give calories but they play havoc with your health particularly your heart health.
  5. Add mangoes to your diet when available as they are rich in carbohydrates and calories
  6. Make an exercise routine such as to support weight gain, not cardio but weight training or resistance exercises which burn fats and build muscles. Squats, pull ups, bench presses are a few examples of muscle building exercises.
  7. Weight training exercises will definitely increase your appetite, so complement your exercise regimen by eating right. Eat lots of protein rich food or take protein supplements as they help build muscle tissue. Approx 2 g of protein per kilo body weight is recommended to build muscle mass.
  8. Increase milk intake as it contains high amounts of easily absorbed protein.
  9. Avoid saturated fats and stick to unsaturated fats and rich sources of omega 3 fatty acids.
  10. Increase bananaa intake in your diet. Daily 2 bananas are enough to increase the body weight regularly.
  11. Carry a bag of trail mix for a convenient snack.
  12. Finally hard work and determination are needed to reach the goals.

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