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How To Deal With Bad Breath

It can be embarrassing having Bad Breath. Just try asking anyone who has ever been affected with it. On second thought, maybe that’s not a good idea, after all. Regardless of whether you know one who has bad breath or even you yourself haves some really socially awkward and bad experiences with it, let us be the first to say that we just feel for you. We know it’s tough, and that’s why we’re here to help you out; otherwise you can just consign yourself to talking in public with a hanky always pressed against your lips.

bd breath How To Deal With Bad Breath

Image – Bad Breath Cartoon

When someone gets wind (Get it? “Wind”? Oh, just never mind the silly puns.) that you may have had breath, some of these will just outright tell you that maybe you have poor hygiene. Oh wow, that’s really harsh. But that person may be probably more right than you’d like to admit it. Halitosis (that’s “bad breath” for us getting way too technical with our subject matter) is mainly caused by bits and pieces of food which had got stuck on our teeth and gums, after all. Bacteria being what they really are (i.e. hungry and greedy organisms like we are), they will, of course, gain nourishment from those stuck-up food by feeding on it.

  1. You can practically guess the results by now; the end product is a sulphur-like compound that almost smells like the real thing that it can even wake up people who fanted from the street.
  2. So what can one poor sap with Bad Breath do then? Simple; just grab a toothbrush and a floss.
  3. However, simple brushing and rinsing by just a few seconds, which we can hazard that we’re all practically guilty of in some point in our lives, just ain’t enough.
  4. You really need to set some time for tooth brushing (2-3 seconds, at the very least), and even more additional time (like a minute or so) for flossing.
  5. Also, while you’re at it, why don’t you try cleaning your tongue, as well? This certain organ can be hiding some icky bacteria under or on the back of your tongue, and it is your health-given right to get rid of these “terrorists”.
  6. If you can avail of one, a tongue cleaner would be especially suitable for this type of task. Well, of course it’s supposed to be hard work; who says being beautiful and smelling nice isn’t? If you don’t want to run the risk of developing bad breath and alienating any new acquaintances you may meet in the near-future, then it should be worth it.
  7. The other thing that you need to remember is to observe liberal hydration. By that, we mean that you have to drink oodles and oodles of water.
  8. No, not soda or anything amounting to that; just honest-to-goodness H2O will do just fine. It should make your mouth producing enough saliva to moisten away unnecessary bacteria and food particles, and to prevent any new bacteria from forming into your mouth.
  9. Finally, while we won’t blame you if you just refuse to visit your dentist, it should be on the top of your agenda if you want to really want a clean and odor-free mouth.
  10. Not all dentists are there to make your life miserable, you know. A simple check-up will just be over in a jiffy. Why, a dentist might even warn you if you’re in risk of having that dreaded tooth decay!

It sure is awkward having bad breath, but there are really simple ways to beat the scourge. Just try following these above tips, and soon you’ll have people swooning in front of you while you talk!

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